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Monday, July 21, 2008

Parts Express Annual Tent Sale
Selenium Loudspeakers helped to supply the sound system for the main stage at the Annual Parts Express Tent Sale on Saturday July 12, 2008.  Pictured across are 16 SLA2P Neo Line Array, 3-way full range cabinets and two SLA1P-SW1 dual 15" subwoofers.  Additional bass was supplied by  eight 18" folded horn subs which are loaded by one of our OEM clients with Selenium 18WFH1P-SLF woofers.  The monitor system consisted of four biamped 12" 2-way Selenium SPM1202A's .  These new self powered plastic enclosure speakers performed admirabily even in the driving rain that didn't stop the performance from going on till the end of the show.  We all had a lot of fun and the Tent Sale proved to be the most sucessful one ever.  We are already looking forward to next year.

A special thanks goes out to  "In the Mix Productions " (PH (603) 300-0303 ) from the Boston Area.  They supplied all the transportation, sound  equipment and a hard working crew that kept the show right on track. 
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Friday, June 27, 2008

Selenium Loudspeakers ribbon line array 265
Introducing the new  ribbon 265 line array featuring a 5" push-pull Neodymium planar ribbon driver in the mid- high frequency section and two 6.5" woofers.  A matching single 15" subwoofer anchors the rig. The ribbon is capable of producing high fidelity sound with fast transient response because of it's ultra-lightweight diaphragm. In addition the ribbon diaphragm is made with an aluminum trace on a space age polyimide material that are capable of withstanding the high temperatures (750 degree F) produced when the unit is pushed hard during pro sound applications that need to "throw" sound a long way. 

Because the ribbon naturally produces planar waves it is ideal for use in line array applications.  The geometry of the ribbon  allows it to  avoid the high frequency summation problems that occur with all compression drivers and domes because they produce spherical waves.  These problems occur when these spherical output devices are larger than one wavelength( λ )apart. They can not be solved with any waveguide, diffraction slot or tubular foam.  Properly used ribbons can be placed so close together that as direct radiators they essential form a continous line source even at the very high frequencies.

Compact , easy to use , rig and transport this system is an essential tool for any sound company or contractor.  This line array has a proprietary Selenium DSP (2 in 6 out) to protect it during mission critical applications. The cabinets are available in black ,white or birch raw finish. They are perfect for  use  in coporate AV, churches , schools, performance theaters and live sound reinforcement.

Rigging and aiming software is available

For more information on ribbon loudspeakers check out

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tom Gallagher National Sales Manager , USA & Canada
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We have also recently aquired the following brands, Warm Music - Guitar amps, Appotek - amps, mixers and eq's  and Loudvox Loudspeakers - Powered and passive PA cabinets.  Check it out @

The picture below shows  the Selenium Loudspeakers Team at the 2008 NAMM show.

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Push Pull Neodymium Ribbon Line Array
Ribbons naturally produce planar waves ideal Line Source


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18SWS1100 picture

18" SWS 1100 Watt RMS Subwoofer with 4" Voice coil
Selenium 18" subwoofer
Cast Frame, Double Spider, Multiple thermal vent paths

D3500Ti-Nd picture

D3500Ti-Nd Neo compression driver with 2" throat
Neo 3" diaphragm , 2" throat compression driver
3" Titanium diaphragm with composite surround

Selenium Line Array
Line Array
Top 3-way 2 x12", 2 x8", 2x2"Neo, Subs 2x15" ported

SLA1P Line Array Specs. PDF

Selenium SLA1P Manual.PDF

Line Array Design Guidelines, white paper Wiki

The Selenium line array has under gone numerous improvements.  The the HF section now uses two Neo ,top of the line,  D3500Ti-Nd compression drivers. We have improved the flying hardware with spring loaded bars.  New cast aluminum handles are more ergonomic and form a climbing ladder system when the array is rigged.  The two 12" woofers in the LF section are now ported both front and rear for increased output in the passband.  Finally, white and birch raw finish versions of the Line array are available allowing you to stain, paint or fabric cover the array to match your architectural needs.  Please note. we also include free software with the line array that helps one quickly rig and aim the system.  Also be aware that this line array system is 4-way(3-way full range top, 2 x15" subwoofer) and requires a professional quality DSP for proper operation.  We provide you with all the proper setting needed to program all of the popular models on the market today. ( Omnidrive, XTA, Lake, Dbx, Shure, QSC, Powersoft etc.)
We take  enormous pride in creating our products, and hope that you'll find something on our website that will fit your needs . We also  create custom OEM drivers ; please call / email and let us know what you need.
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NAMM Show January 2008
Made in Brazil

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SPL Contest Winner uses Selenium Drivers

Selenium Loudspeakers SPL Contest Winner
New Division, measurements made outside of the car

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D2500Ti-Nd picture Compact 1" Neodymium compression driver

S1202 User Manual PDF

Available powered or passive, Rigs with M10 eyebolts

UHE Neo Loudspeakers Now SHIPPING!
Ultra lightweight & High Efficiency Neo stamped Steel frame

UHE Neo Woofers word doc , White paper with specs.


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Selenium Loudspeakers has a complete Car division with speakers designed for mobile applications in automotive, boating and aviation installations.  We are the Latin world leader in producing speakers for the 12V market.  We manufacture some very unique products including woofers with our bullet & water proof : Quartz Composite Fiber cones, compression driver/horn combinations for under dash/ rear deck installations, and high sensitivity cone midranges/woofers for SPL competitions. Our products are more efficent so they get louder than the competition with the same size amplier.  Our compression driver horn combinations have lower distortion, faster transient response and more controlled dispersion than the typical dome tweeters other companies use.  Here are some pictures of just a few of our mobile audio products.

WPU1507 Quatro
Waterproof , 4 Ohm

Comp. driver/Horn LED

100 H x 40 V , screw-on horn

Super tweeter, 40deg. conical Selenium Loudspeakers with Light Emitting Diodes

We also manufacture a complete line of installation speakers including:  in-wall speakers , ceiling speakers and small plastic enclosure foreground speakers (brackets included) Optional 70 V transformers are available for 70 V distributed systems. Ceiling and in-wall speakers have paintable grilles to allow you to match just about any decor.  The small foreground speaker are now available in white. 

In-wall, ceiling speaker specs PDF

6C02R 6" coaxial

6W21RT 6"& 3/4"

Foreground speaker specs.PDF

C521P 5.25" & 3/4"

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